Monday, November 2, 2009

Top 5...Places I Want to Visit

One of the big draws for me to my college was that the college offers a great study abroad program. Instead of spending a whole semester in another country (which my school also offers), you have the option of taking a class about a country during the semester and then visiting that country for two weeks after the semester is over! Very cool! I love traveling, so this appealed to me very much. PLUS... it counts toward a requirement for graduation AND the cost is covered in tuition.

Well, last year was the first year the college charged a fee for the trips: $600. That's manageable. This year I am finally eligible to go, and so excited I could be going to another country. This year's trips include Greece! I was so excited when my advisor told me that! Well, I later get more information about the trips and to my dismay, the trip fee this year is $1,500!!! Yikes! Was not prepared for that! So, sadly I will not be going to Greece next May. Now more than ever, here are my top five places I want to visit sometime in my life:

1. GREECE!!!

2. Ireland

3. Paris

4. Egypt

5. Germany

What's your Top 5?


  1. Nice choices. Ireland is my #1! I already visited my #2 (Amsterdam)

    I'd also like to go to Germany, Mount Rushmore, Grand Canyon Park, Hawaii (to see a volcano) and Alaska (northern lights)

    Love your blog - found you in Etsy forums.

  2. Nice choices you have there. :)
    In Ireland I have found the most beautiful place on earth for myself. The Cliffs of Moher. I have never ever seen something THAT beautiful and breathtaking!!

    On my countries to see list are Iceland, Sweden, Japan, Mexico, and India. (and many many more haha)

    Thank you for your commnent on my blog. I didnt know you have such an awesome blog!! I love your post about prioritizing, too. So funny we always try to plan things in advance without knowing if we would still live then. ;)

    Oh, and your semester is loaded, too. With lots of interesting courses. :) And dont worry, may 11 will be there soon. We'll graduate eventually. ;)