Friday, August 21, 2009

Philosophy of Penguin Palooza

As I have learned in some of my business classes, it is important for any enterprise to have a clear mission statement and vision. So what is the point of this business? Where do I want to be in two, five, or ten years? You have read what Penguin Palooza is in the profile , so I wanted to share what Penguin Palooza's philosophy is:

"Expression of life…joy or sorrow, gratitude or discontentment, love or hatred. All are a daily part of Almighty God’s precious gift of life. In light of this unfathomable gift, “whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.” (Ecc. 9:10) We have guaranteed this moment in time. So, whether it’s an expression of gratitude, congratulations, or deep sympathy, make the most of this moment by sending a greeting that expresses the best."

As I have learned from experiences in my life, life is so short. Time goes by so quickly. I believe that we should live every moment like it were the last—even through extreme joy or deep sorrow. If the world did not take life so for granted, people would do less horrible things, prefer others over themselves more, and be motivated to do even greater things.

With this in mind, I always try to do the very best to my ability. This includes making cards—what I truly enjoy doing and have a passion for. I am a bit of a perfectionist, so I would not sell any card that I would not use myself. I believe more hand-written cards should be sent, not because it would help my business J, but because nothing is more personal and meaningful than a hand-written sentiment—especially in today’s world where an e-card can be sent in less than 10 seconds and is free!

So, Penguin Palooza was created to make the most of this moment in time by creating high-styled greeting cards for every expression life offers.


  1. Your cards are wonderful! I love that little glitter penguin. It truly made me smile.

  2. i like your philosophy, mine is live life in joy, my dog taught me this