Saturday, August 22, 2009

Welcome to Mentor, Ohio!

Penguin Palooza’s “headquarters” is in Mentor, Ohio. Mentor is a growing city on Lake Erie located about a half hour northeast of Cleveland. When you think of Ohio, you probably think of corn fields and a whole lot of nothing. True, there is a lot of that in Ohio, but Cleveland does have suburbs with no trace of those fields (It doesn’t take long to find some though!). Mentor is very developed and has turned commercial. Any store you would want is located on Mentor Avenue that runs all the way across the city. It takes about a half hour to get from on side of Mentor to other on that road (due to traffic lights and well…traffic!) The commercial areas are surrounded by many neighborhoods…some of them very scenic with beautiful woods.

Although there isn’t much going on in this part of Ohio, one good perk of the region is that we experience all four seasons which I enjoy very much. My favorite is winter! I am one of the few people here who like the mounds of snow we get. Mentor is located in the snowbelt…which means we get Lake Effect Snow. I am located in Mentor close to the lake, so my neighborhood does not receive as much snow as other parts do…close to two feet most of the time!

Mentor does have a couple beautiful beaches, but I would not recommend swimming in the water! Still, the lake is always beautiful to sit and look at while musing!

So, in my family’s home is located my wonderful little office setup where everything takes place: homework, internet surfing, and creating my cards. I love the floating shelves I have on my wall because it utilizes my space very well. My favorite item is my bulletin board that I created covering cork tiles in fabric and paint…then assembling them together to be put on the wall. If you couldn’t tell, I love organization!

Just thought I’d give you a little glimpse of where the magic of Penguin Palooza takes place and introduce you to a place you may have never heard before…the place I call home!


  1. Very nice start to your blog! Those floating shelves are great! I hadn't thought of them until I saw your photo, but they would be great to help with the overload on my poor computer desk.

    You have a really cute shop on Etsy too!

  2. Hi! Just want to say thanks for visiting my choir blog! I can't wait for my choir to start up again in a few weeks as well! Take care!