Sunday, September 13, 2009

Entertaining Tip: Recipe Book Favors

Everyone is always looking to improve their entertaining skills. As fall comes upon us, gatherings like Thanksgiving will be taking place.

From my experience as a guest, I always love receiving a little "party favor" from the host. The favor says to me that the host went the extra mile to make the time special. Most times gatherings happen around a table of great food! Every time my family has a gathering, someone wants at least one of the recipes of what we served!

My idea is to make the time special by giving each family a recipe book filled with the recipes from the meal. That way they will always have the recipes, and they will have something that makes them feel special. The recipe book can be especially appropriate for Thanksgiving and Christmas...preserving recipes that have been in the family.

The possibilities are endless with what to use the recipe books for. Penguin Palooza now offers one of a kind recipe books that are sure to wow any guest and look great on any table setting. Custom orders can also be done too! Visit for more information!

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