Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Step Back in Time

On our way to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, we stopped for a day at the colonial capital of America-Williamsburg, Virginia. Colonial Williamsburg is a town dedicated to the way life was before and during the Revolutionary War. Most of the buildings are reconstructed, but a few original buildings can be found up and down Duke of Gloucester Street. Along with all the original buildings like the post office, the blacksmith, and the printing shop, actors dressed in traditional colonial clothing walk around the town and talk with visitors as if it were the 1700’s.

We were fortunate to see a military reenactment scene at the center of town. The fife and drummers marched down the center street of town to meet the militia men awaiting the appearance of the Commander-in Chief— George Washington. Mr. Washington, as the townspeople call him, came riding on horseback into the center and then gave a thrilling patriotic speech to the men about the importance of the Revolutionary War. After the speech, the militia practiced a military drill firing their muskets and cannons. It was really neat!

For dinner, we ate at Christiana Campbell’s. This restaurant dates back to the colonial period. What is really cool is that George Washington ate at this very restaurant! All the food is inspired by traditional colonial recipes…yummy slaw, spoonbread, and seafood! The d├ęcor is exactly how it would have been back in those days. Dinner was even enjoyed by candlelight.

Being the American government geek I am, Williamsburg is one of my favorite cities! I just love the history of this great country, and being in Williamsburg takes me right back to that time of true patriotism. Everyone was united for one purpose…freedom!

This thought now takes me to the present. Now it’s democrats versus republicans. Now everyone is at each other’s throats. Now everyone is serving their own cause. We Americans have lost sight of the vision that started this great country in the first place.

Take a step back in time and remember all that was sacrificed, all that was fought for, and all that was passionately debated so we can enjoy the privileges we do today.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! I love doing historical stuff like that.

  2. What a wonderful place, I've always wanted to visit there and haven't been able to. Enjoyed reading your blog, very well done!

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience. I do historical reenactment myslef and always hope people enjoy what we do. It is a step back in time especially within a historical setting like that. I mostly do old west reenactment and the renaissance out here in Arizona. Great blog!

  4. Hi! Visiting via the etsy forums. I love Colonial Williamsburg. I went once as a child, once in college, and as an adult w/ a friend to his William and Mary reunion.