Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Song of Praise and A Cry for Help

Dichotomy has come alive to me this week. This week has been truly overwhelming. I do not think I have ever experienced a time with extreme high points and low points all at one time.

A song of praise: Classes are going extremely well. Although they consume most of my life, I am thoroughly enjoying them and somehow managing to finish all my homework! I have had success with my Etsy shop in recent days. I have received a couple sales, a couple custom orders, an inquiry for a large custom order, and great feedback comments. This just validates my work and tells me that this is what I am supposed to be doing. I also have been provided with babysitting opportunities that will bring in some much needed cash. All I can say about these things is, "Thank you Lord!"

A cry for help: I am still discontent with my part-time job, and it seems I will be stuck there due to the job market. I also had a situation that has been going extremely well, but something yesterday literally made my heart drop. Have you ever felt your heart literally drop? Then after dropping, the heart hangs helplessly heavy the rest of the day. Not a good feeling! I also got news that my best friend is going through some changes in her life. I haven't been able to talk in detail with her yet, but just knowing something is going on makes me worry of course. The Christian group on campus that I help lead is also frustrating me as well. All I can say about these things is, "Help Lord!"

God has been so generous to me with providing success in my Etsy shop and the babysitting opportunities I have. At the same time, He is testing my faith with difficult circumstances. This whole situation radiates of God's love for me as His child. He loves me, so he provides for my daily bread. He loves me, so he gives me testing times to make me stronger. My times are in His hands, so I can rest assured He is in control.

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  1. Wow you have a great shop! I love your products! Good luck in everything to do! I'm sending some good thoughts your friends' way. :)


    p.s. Thanks for reading my blog!!